Demon AZZPADZ Jr. Tailbone Protector

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Demon AZZPADZ JR. Tailbone Protector

  • The AZZPADZ Original tailbone protector offers top-rated tailbone protection that goes far beyond the protection offered in other products. For top quality tailbone, seat and butt protection, and maximum protection for your coccyx.
  • The AZZPADZ snowboard tailbone protector is a thick seat pad that straps on like a harness.
  • This top-rated seat pad for snowboarding will keep you comfortable on the slopes, and protect you from serious injury to your coccyx/tailbone and sitz bones. A great addition to make any day in the mountain that much more enjoyable.

Demon AZZPADZ JR. Tailbone Protector

  • Tailbone protection with flexible plastic shell.
  • Fits and contours to buttocks.
  • Fully adjustable waist and leg straps.
  • 3 layer protection system.
  • Easy on and off - no need to remove snow pants.
  • Fits well under snow pants.
  • Hand wash, air dry.
  • Weight: 8 oz


  • Available in three unisex sizes: Youth, Medium and Large
  • Youth ages 6-11 years old, < 26" waist.
  • Medium waist size 26" - 32"
  • Large waist size 32" - 44"
  • Width of Padding (middle): Medium and Large
  • Length of Padding: Medium 11", Large 12.5"
  • Belt Length: Medium 42.5", Large 48.5"


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