Demon Youth Flexforce Pro Top

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Demon Flexforce Pro Top Youth

Just like the regular Flexforce Pro top, but this one is for the little guys. Demon's newly redesigned Flexforce Pro Top continues to offer superior protection and comfort. We upgraded materials dedicated to keeping athletes safe and comfy for another year. Protection for Xtreme sports. The Demon Flex Force Pro High gives you the ultimate protection and custom protection options. Perfect for crash insurance, whether you're dropping a cornice, hucking a backside rodeo, or screaming down the mountain on your bike.

Youth Flexforce Pro Top V2 - Multi-sport Upper Body Protection

  • Shock absorbing chest protection
  • Shock absorbing rib protection
  • Shock absorbing foam for shoulders, collarbone, elbow, spine, and ribs.
  • Zipper front entry.
  • Hand wash, air dry.

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