Demon Extra Large Frame Replacement Straps

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Demon Mountain Bike Pickup Tailgate Pad Replacement Straps

The easiest way to get your bikes to and from the trails.

  • Extra Large Frame Straps: Do you have a large framed bike? These Extra Large straps accommodate up to a 10.5-inch circumference. Sold in a pack of 5 and can be easily interchanged with your Demon Tailgate pad straps.
  • ULTRA CONVENIENT: Hook and loop bike frame holders keep bikes secure. The reflective Demon United logo on the back gives visibility to your pad. The Demon tailgate pad includes two tool pockets on the bed side of the pad to keep necessary trail tools and equipment.
  • DEMON UNITED:  Headquartered in the USA and currently designs and manufactures hundreds of products and protective gear for all types of gravity sports and distributes the products worldwide in over 40 countries. The focus and dedication of Demon United is to create great products that help KEEP YOU FROM AN EARLY GRAVE.

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