Demon Flexmeter Single-Sided Snowboard Gloves

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Demon Flexmeter Single-Sided Snowboard Gloves:

  • The Flexmeter Single-Sided Snowboard Gloves, are designed by physicians, engineers, and trauma specialists. The Flexmeter Single-Sided Snowboard Gloves have dorsal protection on the back of the wrist to disperse the force of an impact up the forearm by putting the pressure on the forearm instead of the wrist. The plastic shield and straps act like a shock to absorb the force of the impact.


Scientific Study on the Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves

  • When you fall it will typically be on your wrists and it's usually a hard landing on the heel of the hand. The wrist goes into hyperextension and compression, resulting in a fracture. With the Flexmeter snowboard gloves, the hands are prevented from being outstretched, and therefore not subject to a reverse extension injury. Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of the Flexmeter snowboard gloves, reducing the risk of injuries by 67%.
  • The single-protection Flexmeter snowboard gloves are recommended for more experienced snowboarders because it offers protection without restricting the movement of the arm and hand. The single protection comes in gloves, and wrist guards. Normal gloves won't do the trick and snowboard wrist guards are designed to withstand a minor fall. Flexmeter snowboard gloves are designed for more serious impacts. A normal snowboard wrist guards design often causes a break higher up the arm, whereas the longer dorsal guard of the Flexmeter snowboard gloves prevents the force of an impact from culminating at a central spot in the forearm, pushing the force of impact further up the arm to avoid serious injury.

Flexmeter Single-Sided Snowboard Gloves | Features

  • Reinforcements: Thinsulate 100 g (100%) guaranteeing that no elimination of sweat and water tight.
  • Insulation: 100% fiber fill
  • Palm and fingers Kevlar limiting wear
  • Splint: Splint dorsal thermoplastic Hytrel. Excellent stability at different temperatures (-40 ° to +40 °). Hinge progressive.
  • Adjustable wrist strap with Velcro loop.
  • Power cord and anti-drop adjustable cuff for better insulation from the cold and snow.






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