Demon Flexmeter Single Sided Wrist Guards

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Demon Flexmeter Single-Sided Wrist Guards:

  • The Flexmeter Single-Sided Wrist Guard has a specific purpose in the design: Flexmeter wrist guard assures wrist protection while allowing full mobility of your wrists. The Single-Sided Flexmeter Wrist Guard has a single dorsal support that sits on top of your arm and wrist. The support is strapped securely with three individual straps. The Single-Sided Flexmeter Wrist Guards are ideal for snowboarding, BMX, skating, and mountain bike.
  • The Flexmeter wrist protector has been designed by physicians, engineers, and trauma specialists. The wrist guard is a dorsal protection worn on the back of the wrist which disperses initial impact loads up the forearm by transferring the energy. You can kind of compare it to a shock on a car, when you hit a bump the force is absorbed by the shocks. The Flexmeter Wrist Guard is designed the same way, as your wrist is impacted the plastic shields and straps act as a shock to absorb the impact and energy.
  • The Flexmeter Wrist Guard has been designed to respect the anatomical shape of the wrist and it follows the shape and outline. The Flexmeter Wrist Guard allows normal mobility of the wrist for ease of usage, as opposed to the protection commonly used. The problem with most wrist guards is that they are too stiff and too short. They don't fully protect the wrists.
  • When you fall on your wrists it usually is a hard landing on the heel of the hand. The wrist goes into hyperextension and compression. The result is a fracture.
  • With the Flexmeter wrist protector, the hands and fingers are prevented from being outstretched and are therefore not subject to a reverse extension injury.

Scientific study on the Flexmeter Single-Sided Wrist Guard:

  • Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of the Flexmeter Wrist Guard in reducing the risk of injuries. Wrist fractures have diminished by 67% in a group of athletes wearing the Flexmeter Wrist Guards, compared to a group wearing no protection. 

What is the difference between the Double protection and Single protection Flexmeter Wrist Guards?

  • Both the Single and Double Flexmeter Wrist Guards are the best wrist guards on the market. These both offer the same patented Flexmeter protective technology that is placed on the top of the wrist and strapped tight allowing your wrist and arm to only flex to a safe degree.
  • The Single protection Flexmeter Wrist Guard is recommended for more experienced snowboarders, BMX, and mountain bike riders because it offers protection without restricting the movement of the arm and hand. The single protection comes in gloves, mitts, and wrist protectors.

Do Wrist Guards Really Work?

  • Normal wrist guards are designed to withstand a minor fall, Flexmeter Gloves and Wrist Guards are designed for more serious impacts. A normal wrist guard's design often causes a break higher up the arm, whereas the longer dorsal guard prevents the force of an impact from culminating at a central spot in the forearm, pushing the force of impact further up the arm to avoid serious injury.

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